This is also outside of another rather nice apartment

Christmas is a Season

Hi everyone! So because this week was Thanksgiving, Christmas festivities are officially under way for the Church all over the world, and here in Taiwan it’s no exception! It’s a pretty good finding tool because most people here know very little about Christmas. There are Christmas trees here EVERYWHERE though already. Christmas seems to be Read more about Christmas is a Season[…]

Back row: Elder Holloway, Elder Van de Graaff, Elder Anderson, Elder Swank, Elder Ren. Front row: Elder Giordano, me, Sister Apsley

This District’s on Fireeeeeee (More Like Drowning)

Why hellooooooo everyone! I hope you are all having a great time wherever you are in the world. I personally am enjoying Taiwan and this week we have seen a TON of changes! Transfers So, Sister Apsley and I knew that transfers would do nothing to us since I am still in training but this Read more about This District’s on Fireeeeeee (More Like Drowning)[…]