Anne and Sister Apsley

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Funny Flashcard Example Sentence of the Week Box B Card #59 Word: Conscience Example Sentence: Do you think camels have a conscience? And with that stirring introduction… Why hello my dear family and friends! There is currently no snow in Taiwan, although this past week has gotten pretty cold. I’ve been told that Xinzhu is Read more about Walking in a Winter Wonderland[…]

New haircut

Crashing and Burning (In a Good Way)

Hello Everyone! It’s so cool to see how everyone all over the world is preparing for Christmas, whether it’s family, friends also serving missions, friends who aren’t serving missions, and everyone in between. Wherever your journeys have taken you right now, I hope you are currently getting in the Christmas spirit. And also the missionary Read more about Crashing and Burning (In a Good Way)[…]