We Spent All Night at the Police Station

Dear Friends and Family, I love you all. This week has been super difficult for various reasons but it has also been insanely awesome and I will remember it for the rest of my life. It’s so hard to describe everything that happens in one week in a little, measly email! As the weeks go Read more about We Spent All Night at the Police Station[…]

The wife of my MTC Branch President made a surprise appearance in Taipei on Sunday! I love Sister Teng!

As Sisters (And Dogs) in Zion

Hello Everyone! Every day here in Central Taipei is REALLY crazy and that’s just how I like it! Running back and forth between appointments, meetings, and being out on the street. There’s nothing better. I feel like I have been able to really thrive in this crazy environment, being in the middle of everything. Transfers Read more about As Sisters (And Dogs) in Zion[…]