Sister Anne Watson

Taiwan Taipei Mission 2016-108

Me and Sister Huang getting a Thanksgiving duck

The Need for Bread, Water and Ducks at District Meeting

Dear Everyone, This week was really eventful and I’ve got some fun stories! The weather has really cooled down here in Taiwan – I’m pretty sure it’s a lot colder than it was last year. We are already turning on our heater at night! The whole mission is starting to get really excited about the Read more about The Need for Bread, Water and Ducks at District Meeting[…]

Us at Banqiao library before heading out for dinner

Turning into a Tortoise and Back Again

Dear Everyone, The most interesting thing that happened this week was a big Daoist parade that marched RIGHT by our house when we went outside for the morning, complete with drums, dragons, floats, statues, costumes, firecrackers, crazy Chinese instruments, and other weird things (like literal pole dancers.) I never get tired of seeing those things. Read more about Turning into a Tortoise and Back Again[…]

I like to call this one part of our area "Little Daybreak" (named after one of the suburb communities from my hometown South Jordan)

Run-Ins with Intellectuals (And Other “Smart” Things)

Dear Everyone, This week the weather really cooled down and everyone pulled out their jackets. This coming week will be a bit warmer, but it was nice to have a few days to not need our air conditioning. Our week began with meeting with this potential investigator named Eva who works as an assistant to Read more about Run-Ins with Intellectuals (And Other “Smart” Things)[…]

So pretty! So Asian!

Trick-or-Treat, Members Will Give Us Some Good Stuff to Eat

DEAR EVERYONE! Apparently Halloween is in a couple days, and I’ve been seeing a lot more of it around here in Taipei than I did in Zhubei a year ago. It’s probably because all of the cram schools around here have been doing Halloween activities to teach the kids English. I have seen several classes Read more about Trick-or-Treat, Members Will Give Us Some Good Stuff to Eat[…]