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Tripanionship - Sister Patchell, Sister Watson, Sister Rhynard

Tripanionship – Sister Patchell, Sister Watson, Sister Rhynard

Don’t worry dad, my journal keeping habits are impeccable as of the moment 😉 I’ve made a goal to write in it every day on my mission. I hope you all enjoy this second email, I think I did a much more efficient job and included everything I wanted to. I’m glad you figured out the whole Dear Elder thing. I got it the day you wrote it so I hope you all send me some more! Just keep ’em coming. I just want to drill that into your heads.

My new sister training leaders are sister Pruett and Sister Chambers. Sister Pruett was also a freshman at BYU and she stayed in chipman hall last year so we bond really well. I’ll have to send you a picture with them sometime.

Other sisters in my zone include Sister Vranes who is going to Singapore and Sister Nelson who is going to the New York New York South mission. I want to go to New York and other places SO BAD when I get back.

And even though it’s unlikely, I told Sister Tiffany to watch out for you guys in the 10,000,000 to 1 chance she sees you in Scotland this coming May 😉

Sister Bennion left the MTC yesterday. She is headed to the mission office for the Adriatic North Mission in Croatia and then hopefully to her mission region in Slovenia. Next week two of my good friends, Sister Hailie Gill and Sister Taylor higa should be coming into the MTC. They are going to New Delhi, India and Daejeon, Korea respectively. I also hear we’ll be getting MORE mandarin missionaries next week so soon I won’t be the youngest here! Yay! the MTC has a funny way of making people who have been in here longer than you seem older even when they are younger than you. It’s funny.

Oh and Susan-grace emailed me to tell me she got called to Korea. I am so excited for her and that’s where I guessed she would be called so that is great!

MTC District

MTC District

Another funny thing I’m not sure I said about the MTC is that I think it’s funny how many guys there are. I got used to there being a shortage of dudes in my BYU freshman ward so it’s not strange being in the solid minority. It’s fun though. I think I’ll be able to understand and be able to work with guys a lot better by the end of my mission. In the past I’ve only seen them as sources of competition because none of them were ever interested in me so I’d just try to prove myself as being better than them.

It’s interesting being in a tripanionship now because it’s like having a building with an extra set of foundations. Sister Rhynard’s Chinese is really good, she just doesn’t know lots of religious words so she has to use the reference materials during lessons just like me and Sister Patchell. One thing that we’ve been doing for practice is reading the language study version of the Book of Mormon together during companionship study.

One more funny thing I forgot to put in my e-mail: Apparently our guatemalan teacher, ou yang lao shi, has only been in the US for two years (although he speaks fluent English…from what I know of the few words in English he actually says to us). One day one of the elders asked him if he had watched Jimmy Fallon and he said no, so every once in a while the elders will ask him if he’s watched Jimmy Fallon yet. It’s pretty funny.

Also, our first “investigator” has now become our second teacher. Her name is wen lao shi, or Sister Stradley. Apparently she just got married because her nametag says Sister Wells still! she showed us a picture of her and her new husband and it’s really cute. We still do lessons with her as a different fake investigator and in this coming week we’ll be teaching ou yang lao shi as a fake investigator as well. Now that will be interesting! Also this Saturday we’re starting TRC, where we teach lessons to real Chinese-speaking church members. I hear it’s really fun and that they’re really nice.

Hopefully ALL of the stuff I’ve sent to all of you guys will be enough to chew on for the next week. Love you guys and hope you have fun. Tell mom to send me dear elders instead of a bunch of little emails during the week. That would be great 🙂

Oh yeah your freezer story is HILARIOUS! Make sure to send me a picture of the new fridge.

Love Sister Anne Watson


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