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你好 everyone! This week at the MTC has been absolutely crazy and I’ve learned so much haha. Like honestly I don’t know what our district deserved to get to do all of this crazy stuff at the MTC, I guess you just see everything when you’re here 9 weeks.

The Good/The Spiritual

  • On Friday for zone volleyball I was killing it! Most of the time the past couple weeks I haven’t been able to hit the ball very much but on Friday I was just slamming that thing over the net again and again and again. I am so proud of myself for working to be more fit and active haha.
  • Me and my companions have made a lot of progression in our fake investigator lessons with our teachers. We’ve gotten all the way to talking about the Word of Wisdom and other commandments. Even though there are 3 of us we’re really good at making sure everyone has an about equal talking time during the lessons.
  • This week I finished memorizing Joseph Smith’s First Vision in Chinese and I also memorized James 1:5. I need to have Moroni 10:3-5 memorized by the end of today and I think I’ve almost got it…hopefully.
  • Last Wednesday, August 31st, our room got a solo missionary from Wales. Her name is Sister Percival and she’s really cool. She’s going to Hong Kong and is the only sister in her district with 12 other elders I think. She’s in the other zone so Sisters Bernhardt and Richards were assigned to be her companions, which basically means they drop her off at class and go with her to meals and exercise time and other things like that. She told me that after she finished school in Wales she worked at this Doctor Who theme park-type place for about a year. I think it’s kind of like that place in England where you can see some of the sets for the Harry Potter movies, but I’m not exactly sure. If you’re not a missionary you should look it up for me haha. I thought of Diana when she said that so here’s for you, Diana!
  • On Saturday night our district had a “compliment circle” where we basically went around person by person talking about what we admire/like about them. It went on for…2 hours haha. Our district had a whole 2 hours worth of love to share with each other. I love every single one of my elders to the point where I don’t want to have to say goodbye to them! Even though most of them just got out of High School I have been able to see them mature so much spiritually while still being their goofy selves at other times. It is a blessing to hear their insights on the gospel and on life. Elders Anderson, Rhoton, Kleine, Olsen, Balmforth, Woodward, Doyle and Hooker are gonna do great things in Taiwan, people!
  • On Sunday I got so psyched when I found out that Chad Lewis was speaking for devotional! For anyone who doesn’t know, he played football for BYU and also served in the Taiwan, Taizhong mission. I really loved his talk of sports and his mission during his talk because I really related to a lot of it! He made me so excited to go to Taiwan to preach the gospel with all my might.


The Funny/The Weird/The Stupid

  • On Thursday in the middle of our afternoon block of class we were interrupted by an announcement that all the sisters had to gather for an emergency meeting in the gym. We were perplexed. Was this going to be a random dress code check? Something to do with our residence? When we got into the gym we could tell that it was definitely an emergency, impromptu meeting. We all stood around while the MTC president told us that we had been called together because of….bats. Yes, bats. The MTC has a big problem with bats, especially in 17M, the sisters residence where we have been staying. They told us that as a result of the bats in the building they would be evacuating the the 3rd and 4th floors that day (me and the sisters in my zone reside on the 2nd floor.) They told the sisters who were moving that they would be going into an elders’ residence. It was kind of funny because they told us, “we just finished evacuating the elders from that building and we’re trying to make it suitable for you.” That night I felt so blessed that we didn’t have to move and could continue staying in our nice, newer 17M.

But in the middle of the day on Saturday our Sister Training Leaders called us out of class to tell us that they were going to make us evacuate 17M too. Oh goody. So on Saturday night after our compliment circle, we got our Elders to help us take all of our stuff to our new residence. Luckily, we didn’t have to move to 13M but instead were going to 3M, another sisters’ building. The sad part is that we had to split up from Sisters Bernhardt, Richards, and Percival! So now me, Sister Patchell and Sister Rhynard have a room in 3M all too ourselves. This building is not as nice as 17M but our room is a lot bigger. The bathrooms are…interesting. I’m not sure who thought that yellow was a good color scheme for a bathroom but…haha. It totally has those dark, dreary elementary-school-from-the-2000s vibes. The showers are interesting too and there’s a lot fewer of them than there were in 17M so it’s an adventure trying to get one in the morning.


  • On Sunday we didn’t have choir practice so before devotional our district was kind of messing around/kind of working on some stuff we have to do on the computers every week. Eventually we started looking at everyone’s mormon.org profiles because they want you to make one as a missionary. I have decided that mormon.org stalking is the missionary version of instagram stalking. It was really funny.
  • Also on Sunday we decided to leave early for devotional and were waiting in front of this side door which we knew would go into the front of the room so we could get great seats. One of the old men usher dudes opened up the door and we thought he was going to yell at us, but instead he grabbed four of our elders and me with my companions to be ushers for the night! I got to tell people where to sit and then we got great seats in the front. It was cool! Hopefully we’ll manage to get our way in there sometime again haha. But honestly the old men who run the usher-ing are so funny. They can seem really crabby sometimes when people don’t file in to the big devotional hall properly. One of my favorite comments was from an Elder who whispered “he must be HANGRY” after he received a telling off.
  • And then, of course, as me and my companions were walking back to our residence after devotional, we could HEAR the bats in the trees. It was kind of eerie. The building where they have the devotionals is right next to our old residence so it was just very fitting.
  • So on Monday night they had Chick-fil-A again for dinner and I pocketed a Chick-fil-a sauce from the cafeteria for the future. At the end of class for the night, though, I decided to just chuck it in our small classroom garbage can. Then we started cleaning up for our weekly cleaning check. Sister Rhynard had to go to the bathroom so we went out into the hall, and when we were done and walking back to the classroom a funny sight met our eyes. Elder Kleine had the classroom garbage bag with its few items and was waving it around like a sock with rocks in it or something. He’s funny because sometimes he’s really serious but at other times I’m just like “what the heck are you doing…” Anyways, just as he took a swing with it at Elder Miller’s (an elder in my zone who’s going to Taizhong, I think) behind, the bag exploded and the Chick-fil-a sauce I had thrown in it exploded too. There was Chick-fil-a sauce on the floor, on the ceiling, on Elder Miller’s butt. Oh man it was super funny. Elder Kleine cleaned it up so you couldn’t see a thing though. Which is a good thing because the building care lady might have killed us had she seen a stain on the floor in the middle of the hallway.
  • Here’s a funny song some of the elders in my zone invented that I keep forgetting to share with you. The English translation is “thirty three, thirty three, you need to leave right now, where’s your companion? I don’t know, you need to repent right now.” Or in pin yin (without tones..dui bu qi) “san shi san, san shi san, ni xu yao li kai xian zai, ni de tong ban zai na li? Wo bu zhi dao. Ni xu yao hui gai xian zai” In the missionary handbook, page 33 talks about no flirting with Sisters so that’s kind of the whole point of the song haha. Funny stuff.
  • Also people have been getting funny stuff in the mail. Sister Vranes (going to Singapore) got spaghetti from her mom and Elder Rhoton got a whole pie from his grandma.

So, all in all, you could say that we’re all starting to get a little weeny bit crazy since we’ve been in the MTC for a while now. Only a few more weeks to go haha. By then we’ll probably be absolutely bonkers. We laugh at the dumbest little things and get hyped up about literally everything even slightly out of the ordinary.



This week I’ve picked 聽, or ting, which means “listen”. This character is somewhat complex in traditional Chinese which makes it really fun. It’s just fun to write plus it’s really useful. I guess I can tie listening into the gospel and my missionary purpose as well. One thing I’ve learned this week is that it’s much more important to listen to other people and their concerns/feelings/attitudes instead of just wanting to project yourself onto other people all the time. This thought is useful for teaching lessons, getting along with others, and receiving revelation from God. So cool!

Love you all, family, fellow missionaries, friends! Hope you have a great week!

-Anne Watson 孫姐妹

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