We Spent All Night at the Police Station

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Dear Friends and Family,

I love you all. This week has been super difficult for various reasons but it has also been insanely awesome and I will remember it for the rest of my life. It’s so hard to describe everything that happens in one week in a little, measly email! As the weeks go by more and more I simply don’t know where to start with these things. Some experiences are better explained in person.


On Thursday Sister Armstrong got transferred to Toufen, which is in Miaoli, which is below Zhubei, kind of on the lower left corner of the mission. Just below Miaoli is the border of the mission and then you get to Taizhong. So our lovely trio is no more BUT we did get a kick out of a story we heard on the transfer day. Sister Armstrong took a train down to the west coast with another missionary named Sister Calderwood. Now, there are several types of trains that snake down the west coast. There are the local trains which are pretty slow and stop at every single little town. Then there are some faster trains (called zi qiangs) which don’t stop at all the stops so you get to your destination quicker. Sister Armstrong and Sister Calderwood took the zi qiang down to the Zhunan train station but they had so much luggage that they realized they would have to take several trips to get it out of the train car. So they were able to get some luggage onto the platform, but as they got back in the train to get the rest of it, the doors closed on them.

So that’s how Sister Armstrong and Sister Calderwood found themselves on a non-stop, 40-minute train ride bound for Taizhong! Which is definitely in the Taizhong mission haha. I can only imagine the call that they must have made to the APs! Haha. If ANY sister missionary accidentally went to Taizhong, it would be Sister Armstrong. I love her so much. Luckily, once they got to Taizhong they were just able to hop on another train headed north so no harm done.

All the new missionaries that came in from Utah came an entire day late due to flight delays so that kind of threw the whole mission in a loop. Poor President and Sister Jergensen, they were so busy. But due to all the craziness, after Sister Armstrong left we actually spent an extra day in a trio with a new Taiwanese missionary named Sister Cheng, which was pretty fun. She went with us on a crazy journey as we fought to meet with a recent convert who was thinking of going back to her old church. In the end she agreed to keep coming to church, and yesterday she felt the spirit, so all’s well that ends well.

At Tina's baptism

At Tina’s baptism

Double Baptism

On Sunday our English ward investigator, Tina, got BAPTIZED so that was super awesome. We spent a lot of this week supporting her and getting her ready! On Monday night we went with Elder Hammond and Elder Reintjes and their english ward investigator, David, to the English ward’s bishop’s house for FHE. It was so much fun. They are the Weddle family and they have four girls, three of whom are triplets.

David and Tina actually got baptized at the same time on Sunday. It was the coolest thing ever. It was one of the most well-attended baptisms the Jinhua chapel has ever had, the entire English ward showed up basically! The first baptism the APs have had in MONTHS. Plus…President Jergensen baptized Tina. Yes, our mission president baptized our investigator. It was one of the craziest things of my life. And Sister Jergensen spoke at the baptism. Wowie.

President and Sister Jergensen at Tina's baptism

President and Sister Jergensen at Tina’s baptism

Stolen Bike

As awesome as Sunday was, it was a little difficult because as we walked out of the apartment that morning, Sister Langley’s bike was gone. And the office elders told us to go the police to file a report.

So that’s the story of how we spent all last night at the police station. WE WERE THERE UNTIL 2:00 AM. Luckily we had the awesome zhonghe member and mission-renowned friend to missionaries YO there with us. (He went to school in America so his English is perfect and he loves being with missionaries.) But yeah we spent so long at the police station, it really sucked. The mission wanted us to go to the station so we could file a report for the stolen bike, but the Taiwanese police couldn’t chase the guy that stole the bike until we accused him of stealing the bike, which would involve going to court. And missionaries don’t/can’t really get involved in court matters so after several hours of arguing/discussing with the policeman, we had to file another report that said the bike just got “lost.”

We got to teach one of the officers the restoration at 1:00 AM but his interest in the message was more just mere curiosity, plus he was on shift so the discussion didn’t get too far.

Well at least none of this had to do with my bike! It’s kind of funny because I didn’t lock my bike and it didn’t get stolen, whereas my companion’s bike was locked and it did get stolen.


I hope to have more for all of you next week. Be happy, laugh at all the hard things, have a blast. All’s well that ends well.


Sister Anne Watson

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