Seize All Miracles

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Me at jiu fen!

Me at jiu fen!

Dear Everyone,

This week has been the most beautiful week of my whole mission. At least weather-wise! It is so nice we often do studies outside by the temple/around the mission office and it brings me back to family vacations in Hawaii. Plus random people are always walking around the temple grounds who we can share the gospel with.

This past P-Day we went to jiu fen 九份 which is a tourist town on a mountain on the east coast (I think…you just take the train to Ruifang and take a taxi up to the top of the mountain where the town is.) SO pretty. I think it was actually the first time I’ve seen the ocean on my mission. The town itself has that night market feel and has tons of little buildings/stalls. I got a rock engraved for 50 kuai–it says “hao” 好. This is probably my favorite character/word because it’s so common but the two radicals are a girl radical and a boy radical. Because in families if you have both a boy child and a girl child then your life is pretty lucky.

A daoist temple with the ocean in the background at jiu fen

A daoist temple with the ocean in the background at jiu fen


After jiu fen we somehow had enough time to go to TEXAS ROADHOUSE! WOOT WOOT! Which really is a miracle. Apparently Taiwan has two Texas Roudhouse restaurants and the one we went to was in Songshan. We kind of just started going so we could get there in time and while we were on the MRT we called Elder Reintjes (the AP) to make sure it was okay since we were leaving our areas. And he was like “you guys won’t have time for that” (since we only had an hour and a half left of P-Day.) And so we said “okay well can we just go and eat in that area” and he said “fine” so we MADE time for Texas Roudhouse man. And I’ll have you know that it was very delicious and tasted exactly like home.

(First off a little note–this transfer our companionship has basically been doing everything with the jin hua sisters Sister Bradley and Sister Barber so whenever I say ‘we’ I probably mean all four of us at least.)


On Tuesday/Wednesday I had my second exchange with Sister Clawson, who is an absolute angel. It’s pretty cool because on my last exchange with her we taught an introductory lesson to this family she had met the night before. And we got to teach the family again, but this time it was the 10 commandments! It was so amazing to see their progression in the gospel.

Me and Sister Clawson on exchanges

Me and Sister Clawson on exchanges


Linda K. Burton

On Sunday the General Relief Society president of the church came to speak to any Taiwanese sisters who could come to the Jinhua chapel. It was awesome. We got some members from the English ward to save us some seats pretty close to the front. Before it started I got to partake of a HUGE miracle–I got to see so many of the member sisters from Zhubei and say hi to them! It was awesome. I wasn’t in Zhubei for an extremely long time but most of the sisters still remembered me and loved me. And as I was going around hugging them and talking to them, Sister Linda K. Burton herself was making her way quietly up to the aisle to take her seat on the stand.

It happened so quickly, right as I was in between talking to two different members she walked past me, noticed me and my nametag, and held my arm for a second and smiled before going on her way. That was pretty dang cool.

Spiritual Thought of the Week

On Tuesday I got an awesome priesthood blessing from one of the elders and in it he talked about “seizing all miracles” hence the title of this email. This week I have learned what it means to “seize all miracles.”

I think every second of the day God gives us an opportunity to seize a miracle. It just depends on what we want to see as a miracle/how we let every situation affect us. On my mission I have seen so many miracles and often times I have been able to love them and appreciate them, but from now on I think I really want to “seize” all the miracles/experiences I’m having and immediately recognize that they come from God. We are entitled to miracles and our Heavenly Father wants to bless us every day.

Have a great week.

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