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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Dear Everyone,

We’ve been working so hard this week to keep our area from capsizing after all most of our old investigators kind of lost contact with us, and we think it’s been going pretty well. Navigating the really bad traffic and uninterested people has been fun this week. We don’t know why, but we’ve just been seeing so much opposition this week, it’s like everything’s working against us sometimes!

BUT the good news is that NONE OF IT has gotten us down. At all. Me and Sister Hansen are as good as can be. We’ve been joking this week about how it’s just us against the world right now. This transfer has really helped me to know and see even more WHY we have companions.

I really don’t know why people here are so busy, I think they should make it illegal for everyone to work this much so they can have more time to meet with us! Sometimes on the street we have fun and the people look at us like we have an awesome message to share with them, but this week people have treated us more like the town menaces haha. But it’s okay in the end.

Our most progressing investigator is zhang jie mei 張綺芳, who is a referral from a member in central Taipei. She is so awesome, and has a lot of questions coupled with a lot of real intent! She came to church this week for the first time, and she loved it! In Gospel Principles we talked about charity, and she thought it was so amazing how in our church we place so much significance on serving and loving everyone. That night I called her to follow up how church went and also shared Mosiah 2:17 with her. She then pointed out how she thinks it is funny/cool how everyone in the church are ALWAYS sharing scriptures from the Book of Mormon in lessons, talks, and normal conversations! I know it’s because the Book of Mormon truly is the confirming witness to everything that we believe and testify of in the church.

This past week for P-day we didn’t have much to do so we just explored around this bookstore/stationary store and I found Harry Potter in Chinese! It’s ha li bwo tuh. And then I drew Sister Hansen a couple Harry Potter illustrations during dinnertime one night.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

And then the past couple weeks we were too lazy to go running outside because it got too hot but we’re starting to notice that it’s getting a little bit better in the mornings again so we’re getting back into the habit! We’ve been seeing some interesting stuff in the mornings when we go out because that’s when all the interesting old people are out for the day.

Mom’s Questions

  1. How did you cope with the power outage last week? The Vatchers posted some pictures of them cooking in the dark.

Haha so the power outage started in the early evening when it was still really light outside because the sun hadn’t set yet. We were really confused because all the lights in the shops were off and we had no idea if it was on purpose. So we biked to our appointment with Zhang jm, our most progressing investigator, at the ART COLLEGE in our area (which she attends) and we met outside so we didn’t really notice anything. But then as we were biking to another appointment outside of our area it got dark and we realized that lots of the street lights were off while the lights from some dumb flashy apartment buildings were still on. Traffic was even more of a nightmare than usual. We asked one or two people and they made it sound like there was a power-saving activity, but it didn’t make sense that essential traffic lights would be off while some of the big flashy annoying city lights would still be on.

And as we got closer to our appointment it seemed like everyone in the city had left their apartments to observe the conundrum and so biking was pretty hard! And looking off to the side, all of the little alley lights were off (this is where most people live, including us) so we were starting to get worried that we would get mugged or something when we went home because they were so dang dark! And then as we got to the street where we were meeting with our other investigator at, she texted us to kind of cancel because her parents wouldn’t let her go out in the dark. Haha. And so we spent a bit of time talking to people on the street trying to find a bathroom to go to but they were all saying the water wouldn’t work.

Us, the Mos burger workers and Cherish, our investigator during the blackout

Us, the Mos burger workers and Cherish, our investigator during the blackout

So as we were kind of stuck as to what to do next, our investigator darted from out of nowhere and told us she was able to leave her house to meet with us. And she went into the fast food restaurant we were waiting outside of to talk to the workers inside because she used to work there. And then the lights turned on as we were waiting so we eventually got to meet with her and then get back to our apartment for the night in safety and light.

  1. Tell us some cool things about your previous companions because I didn’t ask before.

Sister Patchell, one of my MTC companions, is from Laguna Beach, California and is super athletic and confident, I am always in awe of her haha! We’ve been keeping up pretty good contact throughout the mission and we’re pretty pumped to meet up again. I remember that she’s really into rowing and beach volleyball. Sister Apsley, my trainer, did ballet at UVU and now she’s home. She was pretty cool, mostly we’d just have a ton of random conversations about growing up in Utah. And then Sister Armstrong and I would just act around each other like really good friends do haha. She’s from Colorado and did girl’s basketball in high school–she’s really competitive! And then Sister Bernhardt is from some little town around Logan, Utah. She did cheerleading in high school and even though she doesn’t do much of it now, she’s for SURE a true blue cheerleader for the gospel. She’s a little ball of energy. And then Sister Goo ALSO did cheerleading at Kahuku high school, believe it or not…she also did wrestling there. She’s from Laie and she’s also home from her mission now haha. She worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center and also worked at a zipline. She’s also intensely athletic and would get up at LEAST an hour early every morning to do exercise/lift weights n stuff. So here I am with Sister Hansen now.

  1. Since you have been in both, which do you like better, serving in the big city or serving in the countryside?

In the end I’ll have to say I like the city better because it’s simply a lot easier to do missionary work. As fun as the countryside is, we were just always worrying about how to find new investigators and how to get the area to do…something. Kind of like the missionary version of not knowing where your food is going to come from day to day.

  1. Do you still constantly write in a journal? If so, how many have you gone through so far?

I’m about 3/4ths of the way through my third journal right now. 🙂 By the end of my mission I’ll probably have 5 or 6. I still haven’t missed a single day!

And that’s probably about it. Oh man this week has gone by in a blur, who even knows what a mission is. I just know we’re doing something important!


Sister Anne Watson

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