In Which I Become a Trainer

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Us at the Long Shan temple waterfall thingy
Us at the Long Shan temple waterfall thingy

Us at the Long Shan temple waterfall thingy

Dear Everyone,

Boy, they sure did shake everything up this week! It’s been really stressful, should be fun to tell you all about it. Well, the news is up, Sister Hansen got transferred (to Taoyuan) but we had a very fun last week together! One of her pieces of luggage broke before she got here to Banqiao, so for P-Day we went to get a big one for really cheap from the crazy hoarder man that works on the side of the road. 🙂 Sister Hansen was very proud of her thriftiness. The man even found a couple key chains to put on it and delivered it to our house on his put-putty little beat-up motor scooter.

For P-Day we also went romping around some traditional Taiwanese temples. We first went to the Long Shan temple in the Wanhua district, and then we went to the Xing Tian temple somewhere else in Taipei (they were both really close to MRT stops so it was really convenient.) It was cool, we learned a lot that will help our investigators, mostly in the sense that we will be able to better understand where they are coming from when they mention random concerns that we think are strange.

And then on Tuesday night we got these GIANT BURGERS at this place in the mall that we’ve been walking by for weeks and weeks as we go to and from appointments. We specially planned and saved up for this burger place and BOY we were not disappointed!

English Class Selfie! This picture includes lots of eternal English students that come every week but won't set up with us

English Class Selfie! This picture includes lots of eternal English students that come every week but won’t set up with us

And then we got home on the same night and I got a training call from the office. It came so late that I wasn’t expecting it at all, especially since I had kinda wanted to train for so long that I had given up on the expectation.

But on Wednesday as we got our ibon code with the instructions for transfers on it, we found out they were throwing us another curveball–the plane from America with the trainees wouldn’t be getting in Taiwan until Friday night so they were sending me to Yonghe for two days to be with the Yonghe Sister Training Leaders!

And then on Wednesday night Sister Hansen had a great last English class in Banqiao. At the end we got all the classes together to watch the 20-minute Restoration video and I snapped a cool picture of Sister Hansen testifying to everyone at the end.

Crashing Shuanghe

It was super fun to be in Yonghe on Thursday and Friday, although it was super difficult and frustrating to be out of my area for that whole time. The only thing I could do is make 20 billion phone calls trying to get in contact with all of our investigators. I had to cancel like 6 appointments 🙁

So, in order to understand this next part of the story you have to know that our mission has a schedule of doing district meeting on Tuesday and Weekly Planning Session on Friday. But the Friday that I was in Yonghe, President decided to use the Shuanghe (Yonghe and Zhonghe) district as a test run for switching the times for District Meeting and WPS.

And that’s the story of how I skipped WPS and had two district meetings in one week! It was fun but it just added to all my stress for what the heck I should do about my investigators. We got to do district meeting at the Bailey’s house instead of the chapel–the Baileys are senior couple missionaries, but since they live in Yonghe they go to the Yonghe ward and do district meetings with the Shuanghe missionaries. They also gave us delicious brownies!

Shuanghe district meeting with STLs

Shuanghe district meeting with STLs

It was so fun to be with Sister Richards (who I came to Taiwan with) and Sister Weaver (who will be going home at the end of this transfer!) It was so funny, since Sister Weaver and I got to Yonghe at the same time, Sister Richards had to explain the area to both of us so I knew the area just as well as her by the time I left. Tripanionships are literally THE funnest. The Yonghe sisters just got a new apartment too, and it is SO NICE I was dying. And then we noticed that all three of us have been companions with Sister Bernhardt, so we were basically the “Former Companions of Sister Bernhardt” club!

And so then, eventually I was able to get to the mission office on Saturday morning for the trainer meeting and then all the stressful stuff happened.

BECAUSE I AM TRAINING A GIRL FROM TAIWAN. WOW! Yes I am training a girl named Sister Huang from Taizhong, Taiwan. She’s cute and really enthusiastic although it was always one of my greatest fears to be with a native companion but I guess it’s all going to be okay. It’s so funny, her first couple days could not be more different from what it was like when I was trained. When I got to my first area, I was DEAD tired and scared. The second Sister Huang got me as her trainer she was like “Are we going home yet? Are we going home yet?” As we ran around to take care of some last minute things at the mission office. And then she bikes really fast and always turns in front of me and then she won’t know where to go so I’ll have to lead again. She is so excited, how am I gonna handle this fireball?

Sister Huang is also very funny because she LOVES minions and LOVES the Philippines MTC (where she stayed for 3 weeks) so she’s always talking about it. She studied fashion design for a year in college in Tainan. Luckily her English is very good, but it definitely needs improvement! We will create a good language study program when we actually have time. We didn’t get any pictures together the past couple days but I assure you there will be many more this coming week!

The Xing Tian temple

The Xing Tian temple

So that’s been about this week. Last night we met with our investigator Patrick (we also meet with his daughter and his wife, a recent convert, is in the lessons with us). As we were reading the Book of Mormon their daughter came in with an Indian man and then Patrick offered to feed us all dinner next Sunday night. So that should be fun! This cool Indian guy even said the closing prayer with us, even though it must have been really weird to walk into a Taiwanese house and see another foreigner (who just also happens to be a missionary) there.


Sister Anne Watson

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