Well At Least We’re Trying

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Sister Su, Sister Bennett, Sister Huang, Me
Sister Su, Sister Bennett, Sister Huang, Me

Sister Su, Sister Bennett, Sister Huang, Me

Dear Everyone,

I think about everything that’s happened this week, and the only thing I can really say is “Well, at least we’re trying.”

On Monday we went to the Taipei Zoo in Muzha for P-Day.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference in Taoyuan.

On Friday night we were pretty excited to meet with a potential who had been given to us by some other missionaries. On the way to her appointment we had this awesome conversation with this lady as I taught her about the Book of Mormon. It was a miracle that we were able to get her number as she had to hurry off in a quick.

But as we started our appointment with this other girl, we found out that she had been a Chinese Immersion program teacher in Layton, Utah for a year and that during that time she had lived with a member family of our church. And she had met with several sets of missionaries there.

And in the end we were really disappointed because she said she hated reading the Book of Mormon and claimed that she was atheist after meeting with the missionaries because she never saw any huge changes in her life. I am still scratching my head about this lesson and it was super saddening to see someone who didn’t put in any effort at all before quitting.

On Saturday our ward had this big BBQ activity and it was so fun! Also regarding members, the bishop’s daughter just got her mission call to the California, San Diego mission next February. She will be getting into the mission field right when I get home from my mission so that’s pretty fun.

Sister Bennett, Sister Huang, Sister Su, Me

Sister Bennett, Sister Huang, Sister Su, Me

Right now we’re teaching Zhang Jm the commandments. She is working on just accepting everything we teach her, but she loves church and the light the gospel brings so it will only be a matter of time before she gets baptized! She’s still really hesitant about setting a solid baptismal date.

Well that’s about it. We haven’t had P-Day in soooooo long. So it’s kinda nice to get one again today.

Love ,

Sister Anne Watson

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