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Dear Everyone,

This week was a shorter week because last P-day was Wednesday instead of Monday, so I’m sorry but there’s not really a lot to report right now! I literally cannot think of a single interesting thing that happened on my mission from the past few days.

Well, actually there’s one miracle to share. We set a baptismal date with our investigator named Sister X this week. (Her last name really does start with X) Me and Sister Hansen began teaching her a few months ago, but then we dropped her when she said she didn’t like reading the Book of Mormon with us and didn’t want to meet with us. (It was actually pretty funny, when I would call her to set up another time to meet, she would ask “are we going to read THAT book again?”) It was a little frustrating because she REALLY needs the gospel in her life as she has been divorced and was kind of abused by her ex-husband. But she was SO stubborn.

But a couple weeks ago we got a referral from a member in Jilong and….it was her haha. The member was saying “You guys need to contact her quick, she needs the gospel SO MUCH and she is looking at other churches right now.” And then I also had a weird dream about her one night haha. So we set up again.

The difference between the two times we met with her was HUGE! There are a few specific things that happened in between the times where we met with her that are key to this change. Most of it has to do with the members, especially our recent convert Sister Huang. Sister Huang sent her a TON of Book of Mormon scripture messages through LINE (the social media they use here instead of twitter or normal texting) and also agreed to take her to church every week. And the members also invited her to the stake’s two-day camping activity next week and she ACCEPTED (which is huge since most of the people here literally have NO time.)

And so we taught her the Plan of Salvation this week and she was so moved that she wanted to cry. And then we talked about eternal families in Gospel Principles and she got so moved that she had to leave the classroom. And now she also wants us to teach her daughters. so PUMPED miracles man.

Thanks mom for asking me the dumb questions, they will add a little more content to my email this week:

  1. How well do you and Sister Huang get along? You look really happy in the pictures you send, so I am thinking that you get along quite well.

Yeah we get along all right! This is my first time having a Taiwanese companion so we were working through a couple things and the beginning, but it is going fine now. I have been breaking her into missionary life really hard haha. But she does good on those bike contacts and role-plays.

  1. Are your shoes still bugging you or did you get nice enough new ones?

I got a nice new pair that will resist the rain and all other sorts of nasty weather, which is super nice. I’m planning on running them into the ground and then throwing them away before I go home. And then I will bring the most very beat up ones from the very beginning of my mission home so you can see how beat up they are. And they’ll probably smell really bad too and THEN I’ll throw them away.

  1. I noticed on the missionary mom’s Facebook page that new missionaries were supposed to take sheets with them. Did we have you bring sheets? I don’t remember. If not, did you have to use old ones left behind from other missionaries?

No, I did not bring sheets with me but I ended up buying some in Taiwan. Actually, I only bought the fitted sheet and a pillowcase, and the other sheet I am using is from a sister whos mom sent her new sheets right before she went home so it is mine now. When I was in training I used old sheets left behind but then decided I never wanted to do that again because it was kind of gross. So for anyone preparing for a mission, no matter where they are serving, I would recommend just bringing their own sheets (and blankets, if they want.)

Next week I will think of some questions for YOU guys. Mom, the picture of the bird that I attached is very special because after I sent that picture it FLEW and it made me think of you because you like birds.

And that’s about it.


Sister Anne Watson

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