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at the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall
at the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall

at the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall

Dear Everyone,

Even though it’s been a shorter week because of temple day, It definitely hasn’t felt that way! Still just as tired out by the end as ever, haha. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

For P day on Wednesday we went to Taipei bright and early because I wanted to take more pictures at the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall. We then went and got Vietnamese food for lunch before going to the temple in the afternoon. We had to make a quick getaway afterwards in order to make it back to Xinzhu in time for English class.

For the rest of this week we were just working, working, and working some more! We took the Miaoli sisters on exchanges this week and I went with Sister Keeney from southern California. She is such an awesome missionary and truly talks to everyone!

During the exchange we got a lot of opportunities to share with members how to do missionary work on their phones! It’s just the thing our ward needs right now because most of the members have already tried to share the gospel with their closest friends and family members. Having them send messages to people in their phones has been helping them open up to sharing the Gospel with their acquaintances as well. It’s been opening up so many possibilities! I’m thankful for all the resources the church has made to make sharing an uplifting gospel principle just a click away.

Then on Friday I went to my last ever zone conference! President shook it up a bit this time and we weren’t combined with any other zones. We took a taxi with the Miaoli sisters to the Zhubei chapel and sat down for hours and hours of discussion. President and Sister Jergensen did a really great training on teaching to investigator’s needs all based on the concept of being a military medic. Medics are the ones that go to the front lines of battle to stabilize wounded soldiers. The Jergensens and a very willing elder (who must have been warned and trained beforehand) did some humorous demonstrations of how to respond to a soldier with a lost leg.

Temple day with a bunch of natives and ABCs

Temple day with a bunch of natives and ABCs

Demo 1. They asked the elder a ton of questions as they worked, but he wasn’t responding at all because he wanted to give up on life after losing his leg.

Demo 2. They saw that he had a missing leg, but because they had practiced bandaging up arms that morning, they bandaged up his arm and evaluated how well they did on it before he died.

Demo 3. He died early on but they kept trying to revive him just in case he still became alive, to the point that they began ignoring other wounded soldiers

Demo 4. They made the soldier feel comfortable, told him what they were doing, and assessed his situation correctly

These demonstrations were a really good way to evaluate how we treat and teach our investigators and how to properly help them develop their faith. We also talked about being obedient to the commanders and officers and stuff.

For the afternoon part of the conference, President turned the time over to us and the zone leaders. We prepared a time for lots of the members of our zone to give trainings and share their thoughts. It was really spiritual even though we had already been sitting and training for so long!

The Zhou family who fed us dinner! Plus some other members they invited.

The Zhou family who fed us dinner! Plus some other members they invited.

At the very end the zone members even threw me a curveball and had me get up to bear a testimony (since it’s my last transfer.) This used to be a bigger part of mission culture when zone meetings were more common, but when they changed policy to hold more large zone conferences it ended up not happening… too many people!

I shared about how much my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ has grown on my mission. A feeling of conviction and wonder filled me as I spoke of how grateful I was to truly learn and experience the power of Christ’s mission and eternal influence. I marveled at how I was able to grow to know and really believe that Christ is a master teacher, that He is the Messiah, and that He showed us the path to eternal life.

On my mission I have truly realized that the restored church is the only place where we can fully learn about the whole character of Christ. I don’t know where I would be at if I didn’t have the Book of Mormon to expound more on His eternal mission and purpose, His interactions with the Nephites and the effect His teachings had on them.

And I could go off forever. I’m definitely not perfect at putting this testimony into action all the time, but at least I am still trying! When you’re tired and wet (and maybe even a little bit cranky), a testimony is what gets a missionary through in the end! And that’s how this week went. It’s been great.


Sister Anne Watson

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