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Dear Everyone,

This week has been…. doing the work, I don’t know what to say anymore that’s different, haha! But it’s been awesome. We saw a whole ton of miracles and everything has been coming together for the end of my mission.

The BIGGEST miracle was that our most progressing investigator accepted to keep the Law of Tithing! We were a little bit worried and in our lesson we could tell she was stressed out because of het current financial situation. We told her everything that we had prepared too teach her to help her accept it but in the end, the only thing we could really do was invite her to pray about whether tithing was really a law from God.

That night we were both worrying about it so much! I said a lot of little prayers that night and in the end I realized that the fact that we had invited her to pray was literally the best thing we could have done. And since this investigator has a history of building her own faith, my heart rested and I thanked Heavenly Father for helping me remember the power of prayer (which definitely meant that we also said a lot of prayers for our investigator that night haha.)

And then the next day BAM we met with her and she said that she prayed about tithing right when we were done with our lesson the day before, and she got a peaceful feeling which made all of her concerns disappear. So now I have an even bigger testimony of prayer!

Also our investigator is planning on getting baptized two days before I leave Xinzhu so that is pretty exciting!

Do you all remember me talking about little earthquakes last week? Well, there were definitely more this week! A big one came on Tuesday night near midnight.  The epicenter was in Hualian city (where Sister Hansen and Sister Bernhardt, my two former companions are currently serving) and they got hit pretty bad! Plus they live on the tenth floor of their apartment so it literally must have felt like the world was ending. The people of Xinzhu definitely felt the earthquake too (if they were awake for it.) Me and Sister Liu have been working way too hard so we were both too tired to feel much  (although I remember semi-waking up and registering everything shaking in my head but then dealing back asleep.) And then we got a message from the mission in the morning telling us to notify our parents. The only visible effects from the quake in our apartment were that the books on my bookshelf had shifted a bit.

Earthquake damaged building in Hualien

Earthquake damaged building in Hualien

We had a Chinese New Year party for English class this week and we took some pictures with the elders so we can give them to our ward members as we eat at their houses this coming week. We are booked for dinner and lunch appointments all this week and next week, basically. So pumped!

Sorry… because of some interesting P day plans I don’t currently have a ton of time, but it’s been a great week and we are learning a ton. My favorite part of proselyting this week has been sharing the Book of Mormon with people on the street. I believe that the Book of Mormon has a special power and it is one of the main origins of our knowledge of the principles we teach in the missionary lessons! Most people can sense there is something different about this book even if they don’t have a desire or interest to learn more.

Hsinchu Sisters and Elders Chinese New Year

Hsinchu Sisters and Elders Chinese New Year

I have been getting all kinds of direction through prayer as I have been finishing up my mission. I am really starting to feel like I have accomplished most of what God sent me here to do, but at the same time I know my journey of service is just beginning and that there will still be tons of things I can do to support and touch the lives of my investigators and recent converts here in Taiwan even after I leave.

But I still have one more email and several more days to keep serving and planting seeds until the end. Yayyyy Taiwan!


Sister Anne Watson

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